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Clan Row
The Scottish Clans area is a colorful and educational part of any highland games. If you are looking for genealogical information, historical information regarding the clans of Scotland, or just generally interested in Scottish life, Clan Row is the place to be! Come see the beautiful tartans, Scottish attire, and reference materials on display.

Clan or Non-profit Representative
Registration due by July 1

Clans who have not participated before must be sanctioned by their national clan organization to represent the clan. Clans wishing to march in the parade but not exhibit should contact emichaelson@mnscottishfair.org no later than July 1.

British Car & Motorcycle Display
We are including in the 2018 Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games as we have for many years, a display of British cars & motorcycles manufactured in the UK that one might see now or might have seen in days gone by, on the roads and crofts of Scotland.

There will be no judging. However, everyone can vote for a “People’s Choice” award for Most Popular Car and Most Popular Motorcycle. First Place in each category will be a gift package of traditional Scottish “Highland Nectar of the Gods”. (AKA: “Haggis Helper”. AKA: “Single Malt”.)

2017 People’s Choice

Car: Phil Rosso and his 1967 Jaguar E-Type (XKE) Roadster
Motorcycle: Phil Rosso and his 1967 Triumph TR6C

Please contact Jim Harris with questions and to register

Clann Tartan
Colonel Gaffney’s Regiment is a unit of Scottish mercenaries and their camp followers from the year 1630. The Regiment portrays part of the 20 to 30 thousand Scots who served Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, in the 30 years War. The Regiment is portrayed by Clann Tartan, a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to teach the history of Scotland from the invention of the kilt in the late 1500’s, to its being outlawed by the English after the Rebellion of 1745.

Clann Tartan appears at events throughout the year ranging from schools, to black powder rendezvous, to being featured visitors at historic sites. The Regiment portrays Scotland before the cultural devastation that followed the final defeat by the English, and at a time when huge numbers of men (up to 5% of Scotland’s population) left to fight in Europe’s last great war of religion. Visitors are encouraged to attend the scheduled military drills and other demonstrations or to interact with the Regiment!

Viking Encampment
The Viking Encampment consists of characters dedicated to re-enacting the history of the Scandinavian people around 1100 AD. We are currently based at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, located in Shakopee, MN.

We feature weapons demonstrations, crafting and cultural demonstrations, songs and sagas as well as Viking games like Kuub. Our camp is located near the water mill not far from Kings Gate.

Clan Row
British Car & Motorcycle Display
Clann Tartan
Viking Encampment