*Music list subject to change

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

Master fiddler Alasdair Fraser, long regarded as Scotland's premier fiddle ambassador, and Natalie Haas, one of the most sought after cellists in Celtic music today, have represented Scotland at the Smithsonian's Folklife Festival and have been featured on nationally broadcast Performance Today, Thistle & Shamrock, and Mountain Stage. Their critically acclaimed debut recording Fire & Grace won the coveted Scots Traditional Music "Album of the Year," the Scottish equivalent of a Grammy. In recent years Alasdair and Natalie have helped reconstruct and revive the Scottish tradition of playing dance music on violin and cello ("wee fiddle" and "big fiddle"). Alasdair and Natalie will be playing two 1-hour sets on the Main Stage and a 45-minute set on the Workshop Stage during the Scottish Fair.


Laura MacKenzie & Brass Lassie

Also featured on the main stage will be Master Folk Artist Laura MacKenzie with her band Brass Lassie.

Brass Lassie is an ensemble Laura has been thinking about for several years, and it has now come to life as a 10-piece band.
This group features arrangements of Scottish music and song (mainly) for traditional instrumentation plus horn and rhythm sections.

The top notch horn arranger for Brass Lassie is Pete Enblom and Dr. David Milne has also provided some exciting, original arrangements for this unique ensemble.

The members of this inaugural big band are:
Laura MacKenzie - flutes, pipes, whistles, concertina and voice
Mary Vanorny - fiddle, vocals
Danielle Enblom - fiddle, step-dance, vocals
Patrice Pakiz - piano, oboe, vocals
Tricia Lerohl - French horn
Kate DeVoe Schumann - trumpet, flugelhorn
Lauren Husting - trombone
Brooklynne Audette - bass trombone
Billy Oehrlein - percussion
Enrique Toussaint - bass


Dick Hensold

Dick Hensold is currently one of the foremost Northumbrian smallpipers in North America. He has performed overseas, and has taught Northumbrian smallpipes a workshops in the United States, Canada, and Northumberland. He also plays Swedish bagpipes, Medieval greatpipes, Highland pipes, recorder, seljefløyte, and low whistle, and is an active composer, studio musican and theater musician. Piper Dick Hensold will be performing and playing for the Highland Country Dancing in the workshop area.


Jennifer Narkevicius

Jennifer Narkevicius is President, Competition Chair and a credentialed judge of the Scottish Harp Society of America. She performs on a regular basis on the east coast and regularly leads harp tours to Scotland. She has played for Walter Reed Army Hospital, the Royal Air Force Kinloss Officers Club and in Ballindalloch and Delgatie Castles in Scotland. Jennifer will perform and teach in the workshop area at the Minnesota Scottish Fair. Jennifer tours in Scotland frequently and is very highly regarded in the Scottish Harp community and holds the highest positions in the Scottish Harp Society of America.


Ross Sutter  

Ross Sutter is a vocalist who accompanies himself on guitar, button accordion, concertina and bodhran, the goat-skinned drum. Especially engaging are his renditions of ballads – songs that tell a story. He has collected songs in Scotland and studied with master singers from there including Jean Redpath, Norman Kennedy and the Stewarts of Blair.  He has appeared on A Prairie Home Companion singing the songs of Robert Burns, at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, The Milwaukee Irish Fest, the Dublin Irish Fest and at hundreds of other festivals in the Midwest. He has also toured two times in Scotland performing at various clubs and festivals. For over twenty years Ross sang at the Twin Cities Scottish Club's annual Burns Night dinners. In addition to main stage performances, he has been a wonderful component of the Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games family area where he teaches song games and folk dances.


Gunn Slingers

Total Scottish ceilidh funk in its wildest form. Formed by Scottish Accordionist Neil Gunn, The Gunn Slingers have exploded on to the Minnesota ceilidh scene. They play a mix of traditional Scottish tunes with hard groove and high energy to create a night of dancing and craic you will never forget.